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Perspec App


PERSPEC is a VR 360 video-sharing platform built on Q&A community. Users can post request of what kind of experience they want to have and achieve it by diving into VR 360 video shared by others. PERSPEC connects people by sharing their own experience with first view virtual experiences on a worldwide scale, sparking curiosity and inspiring exploration.


Our users are mainly 18-35 young people who have great curiosity to the world. In the future, as VR technology become more common, the elder people,who have desire to explore this constantly changing world, also can be a great group of users.


A lifetime is too short to experience everything the world has to offer. People always longing for the things that cannot be obtained or completed and eager to experience the unknown.

Pepple can use this platform to achieve what they want to experience by dive into first view virtual reality 360 videos, just like they are really experience it. The ultimate adventure which has never been tried, the dream place which has never been visited,etc.Everything can be a desire that wait to be achieved.

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